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* If you live outside of the Sheridan School District, please first apply by clicking our Out of District Application and filling out the online form.  You will then be contacted by one of our Administrators for approval and then can proceed to the steps below.

** If you are transferring from another school and you have played on an official high school athletics team at your previous school, please download the instructions below and return completed forms to the Sheridan High School Office as soon as possible in order to be able to practice/play athletics at Sheridan High School

                   IHSAA Transfer Form Instructions

Sheridan Community Schools offers online registration for new students enrolling in grades K-12. To start your online pre-registration process, please click the link below:


This will take you to the preliminary application screen.  Please fill out all the fields requested and submit your application.  You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been submitted and is under review.

Once your school office approves your application, you will receive another email with further instructions.  You'll receive three total confirmation emails.  The last email will contain instructions on how to set up your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, which is where you will fill out the required forms and documentation.  If you have any trouble setting up your Parent Portal account, you can click the link below to request help from our Technology Department. Parent Portal Help!



To complete the online registration process:

Login: Access your Parent Portal account at (please note there is no "www" in the address).

Access Forms: On the left-side menu, select "FORMS." Begin with A Forms , starting with A1. New Student Demographics.

Submission: After filling out or verifying each form, click "submit."

Sequential Forms: Upon submission of a form, you will be directed to the next required form. There are approximately 6 forms for new students to complete.

Multiple Children: If you have more than one child enrolled, you will need to repeat this process for each child. Simply click on their names on your Parent Portal screen and access the Forms section to complete registration for each student.

Need Help?: For any assistance needed during the registration process, please submit a help desk ticket through our technology help desk.

Thank you for your cooperation in completing the returning student registration process. We appreciate your partnership in ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for our records.


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