Online Registration Forms Tips

Our online registration process requires you to fill out registration forms through our PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you've forgotten your UserID or password, please fill out a Parent Portal Help request at: Parent Portal Help Request Form

Here are some helpful tips for navigating the process:

  • Access to Computers: If you don't have access to a computer or the internet, each school office has a computer kiosk available for your use.
  • Form Sections: The forms page within your Parent Portal contains three sections:

A Forms: For students new to Sheridan Schools this year.

B Forms: For returning students who attended Sheridan Schools last year.

C Forms: For all students, both returning and new. New students fill out forms under A and C, while returning students fill out all forms under B and C.

  • Starting Point: New or returning, begin with the corresponding demographics page. The forms will automatically guide you through the process appropriately.
  • Birth Certificates: Birth certificates are only required for students who are new to Sheridan Community Schools this year.

Document Upload Tips:

-When uploading documents, please scan or take photos at a low resolution.

-File sizes must be under 10MB in size, or they will not upload.

-If taking a photo with your phone and emailing it to yourself for upload, select "Small" when the size option appears. Medium, Large, and Actual sizes increase the file size, and we have space limitations.

-Upon successful upload, you'll receive a message confirming your success. If you encounter an error message, your file size is likely too large and needs to be saved at a smaller resolution.

Assistance: Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please utilize our Parent Portal Help request.

We appreciate your cooperation in completing the online registration forms accurately and efficiently. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out for support via our Help Desk

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