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    Sheridan High School

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    Sheridan Middle School

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    1:1 Technology

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    Sheridan Elementary School

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  • Sheridan Community Members and Prospective Families,

    I am exceptionally honored to be returning as Superintendent of Sheridan Community Schools.  I have had a long and positive history with Sheridan serving in various roles over the course of my career.  I have been privileged to serve as teacher, coach, and dean, as well as superintendent from 2014 to 2017.

    Sheridan is a supportive community that is proud of its long history of success. We are in a unique situation over the next couple of years as we look not only to the approaching growth but also to maintaining our heritage.  We are currently working on plans to not only accommodate those who are new to the community and school district to make them feel at home, but we will be doing this with an eye to honoring those traditions we hold in high regard.

    Besides the growth within the community, our teachers and administrative staff are making a concerted effort to continue to push our students academically.  We work diligently to prepare our students to be able to reap the benefits that a small school can provide:  the ability to participate in advanced classes, performing arts, athletics and numerous other groups and opportunities.  We work with each student to encourage his or her success and his or her willingness to branch out.  We want their school years to be productive and memorable.  Thanks to a dedicated school board, we are primed for continued and new levels of success.

    If you ever have any questions, I am always willing to talk with you about all the wonderful events and opportunities that Sheridan Community Schools provides.  Please feel free to reach out.


    D. Mundy

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  • Mission Statement

    We create high leverage, high impact learning opportunities for all students.

    Vision Statement

    All students develop skills and attitudes resulting in academic excellence, career success, and exemplary citizenship.

    Beliefs of the Sheridan Community Schools Board of School Trustees

    • Students are our first priority.
    • Our schools are the focal point of this community.
    • This community's investment in our schools is essential to the continued vitality of this community.
    • Everyone in the community has a role in educating our children.
    • Our students deserve world class opportunities.
    • Schools must provide a safe and nurturing environment.
    • Everyone in our community deserves to be treated with respect.
    • Successful investment in the future respects the past.

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Sheridan Community Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons because of age, race, color, creed, religion, disability, gender, ethnic, national origin or veteran status.  Sheridan Community Schools prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and will reasonably accommodate applicants with a disability, upon request, and will also ensure reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.  Click HERE for complete policy.
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    • Central Office

      Sheridan Community Schools
      24795 Hinesley Road
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Dr. David Mundy, Superintendent
      Phone: 317-758-4172
      Fax: 317-758-6248

      High School

      Sheridan High School
      24185 Hinesley Road
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Rick Davis, Principal
      Jason Marer, Asst. Principal
      Phone: 317 758 4431
      Fax: 317-758-2406
    • Middle School

      Sheridan Middle School
      3030 West 246th Street
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Kent Davis,  Principal
      Phone: 317 758-6780
      Fax: 317 758-2435


      Sheridan Elementary School
      24795 Hinesley Road
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Valerie Roberts, Principal
      Melissa Hoffman, Asst. Principal
      Phone: 317 758-4491
      Fax: 317 758-2409
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