Sheridan Community Schools utilizes Canvas as our learning management system.  Students can access Canvas with their school Google account by going to:

SMS students with Chromebooks should have a Canvas bookmark in their Chrome browser and be able to access Canvas directly.

If students are accessing Canvas from a device other than their school-issued Chromebook, they may use an Internet browser and type in the Canvas address above.  The student will be required to log into his or her school Google account before accessing Canvas.  If the student is not already logged into their school Google account, it should take them to the website to log in using their credentials.  Once logged in, it should take them into Canvas at the above web address.

Check out the Canvas Log in Troubleshooting Guide if you are having issues logging into your Canvas account:
document Canvas Log on Troubleshooting Tips (106 KB)

Students needing assistance with Canvas can check with their teachers,  visit the Media Center for assistance or email Mrs. Jessup at 

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