Sherdian Elementary PTO

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  • Sheridan PTO News:

    The 2016 Blackhawk Walk kicks off October 3rd - October 7th!  Sheridan Elementary School's 5th Annual Blackhawk Walk will be held on Friday, October 7, 2016 during  school. Each participant will raise funds by asking family and friends to sponsor them based on participation in the Blackhawk Walk with a flat donation.  The goal for each Sheridan Elementary student is $40. We are in need of volunteers to help with the 2016 SES Blackhawk Walk. Please send notification to school if you are interested in volunteering! 

    PTO Meetings are held at 6:00 in the Elementary Cafeteria. Childcare is always provided. Times/dates of the following events are subject to change.

    ·         October 11, 2016
    ·         November 15, 2016
    ·         December 6, 2016
    ·         March 21, 2017
    ·         April 18, 2017
    ·         May 9, 2017 (vote in new officers)
Officers (aka supermoms and the coolest people ever):
  • President - Maleana Wittbrod
  • Vice President - Becca Grinstead
  • Treasurer - Tami Jo Rayle
  • Secretary - Felicia Hunt
Fundraising - {OPEN}


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    • Central Office

      Sheridan Community Schools
      24795 Hinesley Road
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Dr. Dave Mundy, Supt.
      Phone: 317-758-4172
      Fax: 317-758-6248

      High School

      Sheridan High School
      24185 Hinesley Road
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Dr. Jane Newblom, Principal
      Brian Jones, Asst. Principal
      Phone: 317 758-4431
      Fax: 317 758-2406
    • Middle School

      Sheridan Middle School
      3030 West 246th Street
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Dr. Jane Newblom, Principal
      Kent Davis, Asst. Principal
      Phone: 317 758-6780
      Fax: 317 758-2435


      Sheridan Elementary School
      24795 Hinesley Road
      Sheridan, IN 46069

      Dean Welbaum, Principal
      Valerie Roberts, Asst. Principal
      Phone: 317 758-4491
      Fax: 317 758-2409
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